Pasture Walk To Be Held At Grass Ridge Farm

Matt Paul and Carl Lippert will be hosting a Pasture Walk at Grass Ridge Farm, on Thursday, September 28th at 1:00 pm. Grass Ridge Farm is located at 5882 County Rd E, Pittsville, WI 54466. The event is free and pre-registration is not required. Discussion will be open-ended but plans to cover grazing of dairy heifers and dry cows, grazing poorly-drained soils, and improved cattle lanes

Grass Ridge Farm is a family-owned dairy farm with a milking herd of 580 head primarily consisting of Holsteins and about 10% Jersey, managed in a confinement free-stall-parlor system. The herd is managed for high production with a tank average of 90-95 pounds of milk per cow per day.

Managed Grazing is utilized for dry cows, close-up cows, and some of the replacement herd.  There are about 100 acres in pasture.  The Lipperts have found that the exercise the dry cows receive is beneficial for their overall herd management.  When conditions are right, calving cows on grass is also preferred due to the sanitation it provides for the calving environment and the sound footing it provides for the cow.

Land near the farm’s buildings is utilized for grazing, as is the ground that is too poorly-drained to consistently grow row crops successfully.

Dry cows have some access to sand-bedded free-stalls and are supplemented with mineral and corn silage.  Transition cows have access to a bedded pack.  The Lipperts have about .25 mile of NRC-EQIP field access road that is utilized as a cattle lane. The lane includes three concrete waterway crossings. Grazing has been utilized in this area for twenty years.

Another NRCS-EQIP project on this farm is a manure storage constructed in 2016.  In 2000, there was a manure storage constructed for the Upper Yellow River Watershed project.

For further information please see the brochure for this event. Pasture Walk Brochure 2017

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