• Hay Market Report - May 22, 2017 May 22, 2017
    • Black Cutworm Update May 18, 2017
      The potential for substantial Black Cutworm (BCW) flight this growing season has been in the news.  Thankfully, we can rely on our agricultural partner, DATCP!  Many states do not have the luxury of a cadre of dedicated field personnel that regularly monitor and report on pests. Although it is hard to know if these pheromone trap catches will result in field […]
    • Exploring Tax Implications and Farm Succession Options of an LLC May 16, 2017
      In the UW-Center for Dairy Profitability’s “Exploring Tax Implications and Farm Succession Options of an LLC” webinar, UW-Extension Outreach Specialist Joy Kirkpatrick and Kari Apel of Apel Associates, Inc, discusses: Why an LLC could be a business entity to consider What are the considerations for an LLC How to set up an LLC What the tax implications from s […]
    • NEW interactive data and mapping portal for Wisconsin May 12, 2017
      The Wisconsin Food Security Project interactive data and mapping portal that has been updated and improved. Developed in collaboration with the Applied Population Lab, the website provides a wide range of Wisconsin data related to food security, food assistance programs, income, poverty, health, food-related resources, and m […]
    • New Fact Sheet on Gastrointestinal Parasite Management in Cattle Available from UW Extension May 11, 2017
      As the seasons change from winter to spring, a grazer’s thoughts turn to fencing repairs and pasture renovations. It’s also time when astute managers who graze cattle plan their deworming strategies. Gastrointestinal parasitic worms (including Ostertagia, Cooperia and Haemonchus) also sense the season’s change. They gear up their reproductive efforts during […]

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